January Athlete of the Month: Katelynn Edmundson

Julia Strickland , Editor-in-Chief

Katelynn Edmundson. Monica Cunningham photo.

Q: How long have you been bowling? 

A: 12 years.

Q: Who introduced you to bowling? 

A: My mom.

Q: Do you have plans involving bowling after high school?

A: Yes, I want to go to college and bowl at Iowa Central.

Q: How much time do you put into bowling each week?

A:  6-7 hours.

Q: How is your role different as a senior?

A: The new freshman coming in look up to you as a senior.

Q: Biggest rival? 

A: Bondurant.

Q: Favorite memory from your bowling career?

A: Bus rides to meets are always fun.

Q: What is your main goal for the season and how are you working to achieve it?

A: Going to state. To achieve this I am practicing a lot.