Tutor Rocks!

Tutor meets in the Multipurpose Room. Monica Cunningham photo.

As the school year continues work gets harder and starts to pile up, getting overwhelmed is easy, but so is getting help when trying to complete your work. Even though going to tutor doesn’t sound like a great time it can be really helpful and it is available all throughout the day. Math teacher Gregory Kapusinski highly encourages attending tutor for help.

“Students should attend tutoring to get help if they are struggling in courses. It is also a good time to get help if a student misses school because they were sick or had an activity,” said Kapusinski.

Attending tutor can really help if you are taking a hard class and struggle to find help in a packed classroom. Emily Waddle is a junior that is taking two difficult math classes, so she attends tutor regularly. She has had nothing but positive experiences and assistance in tutor, so she recommends it for all students who need help.

“I very much recommend a tutor or teacher help. I needed help in Trig, which is a class where it’s really hard to study and learn by yourself. Getting that kind of one-on-one attention to something you don’t fully understand really grows your learning experience,” said Waddle.

If you have never been to a tutor and are nervous about just showing up there is no need to worry. The teachers are there so they can help you one-on-one and make sure that you get caught up and understand.

“Don’t be nervous as it is laid back and you can ask questions at your own pace.  You can come to tutor and just work as well.  You don’t have to ask the tutor questions if you don’t want to!” said Kapusinski.

There are tutors for both math and science, and they are located in the multipurpose room, next to the auditorium all periods of the day. There are students that attend every day and students that attend once a year, so feel free to come whenever you need assistance.