Hybrid Model Tips and Tricks

Many students are using planners as an organizational tool. Alyssa Williams photo.

Covid-19 has forced Southeast Polk schools to participate in a hybrid (online and in person) learning system for the 20-21 school year. 

Going to school half in person and half online can be a little tricky. Senior Morgan Panosh has a system to help ease the confusing hybrid.

 A routine can be a very simple way to make everyday go a little smoother.

“I wake up the same time every day, give or take a couple of minutes depending on if I showered the night before or if I need to shower in the morning. I always get ready first, and eat breakfast right before I leave. Having a pattern helps me get ready faster,” said Panosh. 

Guidance Counselor Valerie Powell also suggests a routine. 

“Students will be more successful if they are organized.  Develop a routine that includes checking email at least daily, looking at Canvas on your virtual days, checking Infinite Campus for missing assignments, and setting aside a certain time of day to complete your work,” said Powell. 

On the days students are at home, staying focused is crucial. 

“I stay focused at home by not allowing myself to have my phone next to me. Having it on mute and out of sight really limits the distractions and increases my productivity,” said Panosh. 

She also sets an alarm to act as a school bell at home for her and her brother. 

“If you have a Google Home, you can set alarms that go off. We set the alarms to go off when each period is over, and when a period begins. It really helps me stay on top of where the day is and what I need to get done yet,” said Panosh. 

Panosh zooms into as many classes as possible to get all the information she can. Powell also recommends rewatching the recordings of classes before testing to catch anything else that may have been looked over.

“If your teacher has been posting videos, rewatch them.  Being able to rewatch lessons is a positive of the hybrid model,” said Powell. 

 Most importantly though, Panosh does not allow herself to procrastinate.  

“Procrastinating really only hurts you in the end, especially with extracurriculars. If I have any spare time I try to knock out chunks of assignments because I never know when a teacher will assign something else, and after activities the last thing I want to do is sit on my Chromebook,” said Panosh.