Students Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate Hispanic culture, come together with friends and family, bond over savory dishes, traditional activities, and more.

Senior Julianna Diaz and her family celebrate this day specifically on September 16, because it happens to be Mexico’s Independence Day.

“Sometimes we have grill outs, cruises, or small get-togethers,” said Diaz.

Lots of traditions are shared, celebrated, and continued. During this time of celebration, a number of people from Latino countries or Hispanic descent celebrate. A tradition that Diaz’s family has is getting together to have carne asada.

Hispanic Heritage Month is important to the community because it helps to keep traditions alive and helps allow others to celebrate even if they aren’t a part of any Hispanic culture.

“Keeping traditions alive and seeing how things get passed down from generation to generation make me happy to see that my culture is kept alive,” said Diaz. “Hispanic heritage is very important for my family as my parents were born in Mexico. They do everything possible to show us to be proud of our culture and proudly carry it down.”

Being a part of this culture helps to keep traditions and the culture itself alive, for ethnicity and being true to yourself and your culture is important to have and keep around. This day of celebration is a time to spend with family, friends, and recreate fun and delectable traditions amongst the culture.